University Program

The Lumen Christi Institute is firmly committed to the life of the university at all levels of scholarly pursuit. With this in mind, the Institute endeavors to enable greater acquaintance with the vigor of Catholic thought by sponsoring lectures and conferences, hosting visiting scholars, and organizing graduate and undergraduate courses, symposia, seminars, and faculty roundtables. Our hope is that the riches of the Catholic intellectual tradition may be unearthed, explored, and brought to bear at the heart of university life. And because the desire to understand always holds claim to a certain natural integrity, the relationship of the Lumen Christi Institute to the university can and should be complementary and challenging.

For more information about upcoming University Program events, visit HERE.

Associates Program

The Lumen Christi Associates Program provides an opportunity for University of Chicago undergraduate and graduate students to commit to participation in Institute programs as a means of developing a mature knowledge of the Catholic faith and the Catholic intellectual tradition. In addition to public programs, associates will have an opportunity to participate in smaller discussion groups and to interact with faculty, visiting fellows, and guest speakers of the Institute throughout the academic year. 

If you are interested in becoming an associate, please fill out the form found HERE. Direct any further questions to Mark Franzen.