The Catholic Church’s intellectual tradition has been sustained and developed over the centuries thanks to the generosity of the Church’s sons and daughters.

Based at the University of Chicago, the Lumen Christi Institute is a national leader in bringing the riches of the Catholic tradition to academic communities across the nation. You can be part of that tradition by including the Lumen Christi Institute in your estate plans.

One Gift, a legacy forever

Customize your charitable gift to your financial tax or estate planning objectives.


This is the most uncomplicated way to permanently support the Lumen Christi Institute through your will.


A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and the Lumen Christi Institute through which you transfer assets to the Institute in exchange for a fixed income stream for life.


These can provide you with income and immedate tax relief while securing Lumen Christi’s future. They allow greater flexibility than a charitable gift annuity.


Naming the Lumen Christi Institute as a beneficiary on life insurance policies or retirement accounts is an easy, tax-efficient way to support our work for years to come.

Note that these gifts all come with different, and often substantial, tax benefits.
Please speak with your financial advisor to determine which type of gift is right for you.


Please contact or call the Lumen Christi Institute at 773.955.5887 if you would like more information, wish to discuss making a planned gift that benefits both you and the Lumen Christi Institute, or have already included the Lumen Christi Institute in your support plans.

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   Lumen Christi Institute benefactors who communicate their intention to support the Institute through a planned gift are inducted into our Legacy Society. Members enjoy special benefits, including:

  • Customized engagement opportunities related to your interests
  • Annual personal briefing from Executive Director
  • Free admission to select Lumen Christi events
  • Opportunities to attend private luncheons and dinners with visiting scholars, and
  • Recognition in Lumen Christi honor roll or annual report.

         Special naming opportunities are available for planned gifts that currently exceed, or are expected to exceed, $50,000 or more.