"Isaiah: Prophet & Poet" Non-Credit Course

Oct 6 to Nov 24 2014
Gavin House
1220 E 58th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
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Paul Mankowski, SJ

Lumen Christi Institute


Tuesdays, Oct. 7-Nov. 25
Gavin House, 1220 East 58th Street
6:00PM Informal Dinner
6:30PM Presentation

Fr. Paul Mankowski, S.J.


He left a powerfully personal and enduring stamp on his and subsequent civilizations, while almost nothing is known of the man himself.  Isaiah was not Israel’s first prophet, yet can be said to have created once-for-all the terms of prophetic expression.  The vigor, clarity and assurance with which he conveyed his oracles imposed a characteristic shape on prophecy that to this day remains unbroken.  As a poet, further, he brought into being a family of images so vital as to penetrate not only his own language but every language into which they have been translated.  In this course, Fr. Mankowski will examine the prophet, and his post-Exilic acolytes, in the light of Israelite religion and the traditions of Hebrew poetry.

Tuesday, October 7
Zion Agonistes — Chapter 1

Tuesday, October 14
The Song of the Lord’s Vineyard — Chapters 2-5

Tuesday, October 21
The Call of the Prophet — Chapters 6-12

Tuesday, October 28
Oracles and Apocalypse — Chapters 13-27

Tuesday, November 4
Defeat and Restoration — Chapters 28-39

Tuesday, November 18
The Song of the Suffering Servant — Chapters 40-55

Tuesday, November 25
The Song of the Glorious Zion — Chapters 55-66

Intended for university students and recent graduates. Others interested in attending please

Paul Mankowski, SJ is the Scholar-in-Residence at the Lumen Christi InstituteA native of South Bend, Indiana, and a member of the Society of Jesus, Paul Mankowski has an A.B. from the University of Chicago, an M.A. from Oxford, and a PhD in Semitic Philology from Harvard University. He taught for many years at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and has published in areas of language, theology, and the biblical text.