Faith and Scholarship Integration Seminar

Nov 12, 2022
5554 S. Woodlawn Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637
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Open only to current graduate students. Registration required. To register, contact Fr. Peter Bernardi, SJ, at 


The Lumen Christi Institute will host periodic “integration seminars” at its newly acquired Woodlawn Residence.  These seminars will promote discussion and reflection on how to relate one’s Catholic faith to one’s scholarship.  Each seminar will feature a Catholic scholar sharing how she or he relates their Catholic faith to their field of research.  These scholars will be drawn from a variety of fields: social and natural sciences, philosophy, history, etc.  This sharing is intended to animate discussion among the participating students.  

Participation is by invitation only.  To enable discussion, the number of students will be limited to 10-12; the applications of doctoral and post-doc students will be given priority. It is not necessary to commit to attending every seminar. If you are a graduate student serious about your Catholic faith and your scholarly discipline and would like to participate in these seminars, contact Fr. Pete Bernardi at: “” 


The first integration seminar is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 12, 10am-12pm, at the Lumen Christi Woodlawn Residence.   Dr. Peter Tierney will 'prime the pump' by sharing how he integrates his Catholic faith with his area of scholarly expertise: paleontology. Peter's sharing will open up a discussion among the participating students.  Besides the four residential doctoral students, a small number of non-residential graduate students have been invited to participate.  

Coffee and pastries will be available, starting at 9:45. For those who can stay beyond noon, lunch will be offered. 


If you have any questions, contact Fr. Pete Bernardi at: “”