Latino Youth and Evangelization

May 4, 2021
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This event is part of a webinar series on Hispanic TheologyThis event and series is made possible by a generous grant from the Our Sunday Visitor Institute.

There are complex dynamics to account for when examining the intersectionality of religious identity, social context, and the lived experience of young Latinx in the U.S, and there is much to reflect upon when attending to the everyday life or lo cotidiano of young Latinx. Current research shows that almost half of Catholics in the United States self-identify as Hispanic, and that more than half of those Hispanic Catholics are young. To better understand the religious dynamics of young Latinx, we first must identify those who are affiliated as Catholics and those who are not, and examine how they understand their relationship with the faith. This requires a process of listening, reflection and participatory-action. There is a large group of young Latinx who self-identify as Catholics and no longer affiliate nor participate in a local church or any form of pastoral activity. In some cases, their faith identity and daily practice as Catholics is a pilgrimage where the Church is home, the streets, and other spaces, and the practices of their everyday life represent Catholicism. 

This conversation aims to provide both practical and theological insight emerging from the particularities of pastoral and research work with young Latinx and their familias/comunidades. There is a great need to open concrete spaces in which young Latinx are listened to as they name themselves and are affirmed as active agents in the sharing of the good news of the Gospel. Let’s continue the conversation!


Spring 2021 Hispanic Theology Series

In the last half century, the demographics of Catholicism in America has shifted dramatically as Latino Catholic communities continue to grow. Today, nearly 50 percent of American Catholics are Latino. What are the trends and currents of Hispanic theology in the US? How does it draw from the deep wells of polyglot Catholic Intellectual tradition and from the experience of Catholics on the ground? How is Hispanic theology a resource today not only for Latino communities, but also the broader Church?

Join Tuesdays this Spring as the Lumen Christi Institute presents some of the top Latino/a scholars in the United States for an introduction to Hispanic Theology. 

This series and event is made possible by a generous grant from the Our Sunday Visitor Institute and cosponsored by  ACHTUS: The Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the US , La Comunidad of Hispanic Scholars of ReligionCorazón Puro, the Hispanic Theological InitiativeSaint Benedict Institute, the Nova ForumCalvert House Catholic MinistryDominican University Ministry Program, the Ecclesia in America Network, the Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage, the Óscar Romero Scholars Program at Catholic Theological UnionIskaliCommonweal Magazine, and America Media.


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May 18   Latino Christology, with Roberto Goizueta (Boston College) and Neomi de Anda (University of Dayton)

May 25   The Ethics of Immigration, with Victor Carmona (University of San Diego) and Nichole Flores (University of Virginia)

June 1    Future Directions of Hispanic Theology with Peter Casarella (Duke University) and Michelle Gonzalez Maldonado (University of Scranton)