$250,000 Challenge Pledge

We have some exciting news and a great challenge to share with you.

Every organization reaches milestones. Thanks to the generosity and vision of one of our board members, we are now in a position to see a whole new horizon.

For the first time in its history, the Lumen Christi Institute has the opportunity to ensure the long-term viability of its mission to shine the Light of Christ within the culture of higher education in America.

Here’s the news.

One of our board members has made a multi-year pledge of $250,000 in annual support for the expansion of Lumen Christi’s national programs.

This pledge gives us the confidence to take steps toward that expansion, where we could increase the number of our seminars for doctoral students (improving the “pipeline” of future Catholic college professors), begin to offer summer courses for undergraduates from universities across the nation, and take a leadership role in establishing a network of Catholic campus-based institutes through the launching of an annual leadership and best-practices conference.

Now, here’s the challenge.

We need your help to get there. Our board member has made this a challenge pledge to engage friends and supporters of Lumen Christi to contribute an additional $250,000 in new and increased annual gifts.

Starting TODAY and running through the end of 2016, you have the opportunity with your new or increased annual gift to partner with our generous board member in this extraordinary investment in the future of Lumen Christi. With the recent passing of Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., our founding Episcopal Moderator and first donor, we are deeply grateful for the chance to honor his legacy by securing the work of the Institute.

Will you consider meeting this challenge with a new or increased annual contribution today?